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May 17 to Jun 16, 2019
April 6 to April 28, 2019

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SARDONYX, 2016, mixed mediums on canvas, Triptycvh: Total Dim: 48%22 x 108%22 (121.9 x 274.2  cm).jpg

In my art, I am concerned with the materiality and the processes of painting so that they function as a metaphor for idea and emotion and as the sublimation of content.

My paintings are about the sensory experience of abstract principles. I want the viewer to be as intimately involved as possible with the paintings through the formal effects I employ: through reflection, through absorption through the use of repetition and through a concern for Beauty.

The intense activity within the works speaks to a form of contemporary horror vacui, compelling the viewer’s eye to return to the work again and again and never to be completely satisfied that it has been able to accommodate all that it sees. I hope to create a fascinated involvement on the part of the viewer with the actual work. Thus the paintings are made for an aggressive viewing eye, one not content to simply gloss over or to re-create the processes involved in their making but, more importantly, to achieve a heightened sense of the business of seeing: the eye sees itself, in the act of seeing. At these levels of exchange the viewer and the painter can share a similar experience of the art itself, meeting at a point at which, rather than being a barrier to understanding, my abstract paintings may be able to act as a bridge.

About the artist

Donald Andrus is a contemporary artist who was trained in the studios of Canadian War Artists Charles Comfort, Jack Nichols, Aba Bayefsky and the American artist Charles Morey at the University of Toronto in the late ‘50s and early ‘60’s. Donald Andrus has held more than 20 solo exhibitions and his work was presented in a number of group shows in Canada, United States, Germany and Italy. He has been recipient of many grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Prince Edward Island Council for the Arts. Besides his prolific artistic career, he worked as a professor of Art History at Concordia University from 1970 to 1996 and continues to give lectures Seniors College affiliated with the University of Prince Edward Island. He currently lives in Prince Edward Island.