Jesus Bejar - meditatio MOrtis

September 20 TO October 4, 2019


I am developing an artistic process comprising a diversity of esthetic experiences that are expressed through my status as a socially committed Canadian artist of Peruvian origin, living in Montreal. The purpose of my artistic practice is to create objects and to take action justifying a discourse that calls into question some of the values recently embraced by humanity.

My latest creations pursue the theme running through my previous exhibitions, in that they reflect on humanist and social issues. I place, the focus is on emotion, not only because emotion is the basis for human and social relationships but also because it applies to the concept of happiness. We all live through troubling emotional experiences that compel us to grasp the fundamental values of life. In response, I want to underscore the power of group solidarity in a society in which individualism and indifference to the suffering of others is often over-represented in the media. I want to introduce a form of testimony that demonstrates the hope and the energy that the younger generation cultivates through basic values, such as concern and trust.

An active participant in the international art community for almost thirty years, I exhibited my work in Lima, Montreal, and New York. My on-going explorations in photography, installations, and multimedia permit me to transpose into visual images human disquiet in the face of modern technology. In addition, I pursue my performance art in public urban spaces; these locations are significant because they play a dominant role in human existence, while bearing witness to the community in which I participate.


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